Grow wherever life puts you down

“This is what you must be like. Grow wherever life puts you down.” (Ben Okri)

When i dont know anything
when i feel lost,
when i dont understand,
when i dont have any answers,
You give me answers,
You make the path clear
in simplest of signs
and simplest of quotes
poems or words..
You keep telling me
that it doesn’t matter what i do or don’t,
this body, this world
these thoughts and feelings
come and go..
And You are..
in all of it..
You are the reality and the illusion too..
You are in everything
even the shadows and fog
and light and cold
even the music and noise
even the gossip and silence
even the dirt and cleanliness,
even the lust and love,
even the awareness and unawareness,
yet why do we only try to see You in good things?
yet why do we only try to find You by good things?
As a kid, they used to tell me that You are in everything
and everyone
yet i never understood
coz they never acted like You were in everything
coz they would reject some things and call them bad or unrespectable
coz they wouldn’t treat everyone with the same respect..
and now..
when i see You in everything,
i don’t know sometimes what to do
coz You are always there, here..
in everything, everyone..
how can i run from You?
no matter where i go, i will always find You around and within..
but more than within,
i need to keep finding You, keep seeing You around
in the world, in people and things,
in good as well as bad
coz only that gives me strength to keep going on..
coz only finding and seeing You around makes me want to survive
more than the food or water..
coz when i don’t find You around, when i don’t see You around
i feel far away, lost, wanting to run away from this world of Yours,
and then
You gently pull me back
showing me that You are..
here, there.. everywhere..

And if You are everywhere,
in every thing and everyone,
what problem would we have
to grow wherever life puts us down..
to walk whichever path life brings us to..


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