Being a Human

What makes us human?
We are all so different,
yet so similar..
Different situations,
different personalities,
yet we all want love, happiness,
but still
it is the sorrow, heartache,
courage to face our own fears,
go beyond our own boundaries,
striving for the ultimate..
be it climbing a peak,
leaving everything behind to travel the world,
doing something that seems impossible,
breaking up from ugly situations,
deciding to change oneself,
going beyond our own boundaries
physical, mental, emotional..
that is what makes us human..
and that has how the humans reached today
over all these centuries,
it’s the spirit to strive
to keep moving on,
no matter what life situations show,
creating boundaries and then going beyond those very boundaries,
for success, for love, for money,
for helping someone, for saving lives,
for one’s country, for a cause,
it’s always this striving,
that pushes us to go beyond and break our own boundaries,
that makes us human..

i had thought it were the emotions that made us humans,
i had thought it was happiness or love that made us humans…
it’s the striving for happiness or love,
striving to feel emotions,
striving to win someone’s heart over,
striving to live their lives with someone,
that makes us human..
striving to be boundless
that makes us human…

what makes us strive?
where does that come from?
and does life end when striving ends
or does life go on?
It does,
coz even without striving
we are..
beyond the boundaries too,
we are..


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