Poems I Love, Reflections


What is this unboundedness?
A bond without a bond..

Do you know how it feels to feel this free?
from everything and everyone?
and still, feel the love..

The talks and conversations flow
the laughter
and only light-heartedness..

And then after all this time,
the heart overflows with love..
Don’t know how or why..
Does love need any reason?
It just splashes like an ocean,
it’s only we who don’t hear or feel it,
is it that everyone’s scared of it?!
Why do we need a reason or a boundary
or a label to just feel the love?
Why not just feel it
in simple gestures
simple listening
simple beingness..

~ i complicate everything and then
say that i dont feel the love..
how would i feel it
if i didn’t allow myself to feel it?
Love tells me, that, it’s always here, around,
in simplest of gestures,
in simplest of things,
in the rays of sun passing through the green leaves,
in the breeze rustling around,
in the voice, in the laughter,
in the mirror, in the heart..
in everything..
all you need to do is be open to feel it
and the ocean will splash in your heart.. ~


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