Another birthday

Back again
to where i started,
one more year ended
and yet here i am..
Still alive, still breathing..
It’s a wonder who keeps me alive..
It’s a wonder who keeps me breathing..

Feeling nostalgic..
for what, i dono..
Birthdays only remind me of death..
Of how limited our time is..
Of how everything eventually ends..

Like last year,
i only yearn for dissolution..
Dissolve completely..
Annihilate.. Fanaa, like Rumi says..
And yet, these breaths keep returning..
What am i living for, i have no idea..
Can’t end these breaths, so i’ll just spend them,
wait for them to end..
Some day these breaths will end..
Will it be peaceful then?!
I dono. No idea at all..

Everyone seems excited for my birthday
except me..
But seeing them so happy
makes me happy..
So let it be..

All i wish is for everybody’s pain and hurt to be gone.. That there be no more sorrow for anyone, even though it’s impossible, coz that’s how the world is, that’s how nature is.. New, old.. Birth, death.. Happiness, sorrow.. the cycles go on..


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