The darkness and the blues

Like a caterpillar’s cocoon,
i build different molds around me,
new rules to play and break with,
a lover’s mold,
a spiritual mold,
a good heart mold,
an i-dont-care mold,
mold after mold,
yet after some time, it’s tiring,
it becomes suffocating,
coz those molds are not me,
they are just layers..
layers upon layers of fine weaving..

i’m always here, same,
unchanged, undefinable..
so i hide in places like these,
away from everyone and everything i know,
away from all the molds,
bare, naked,
just me being me..
Never wanted any of those molds,
but you cant go out in society naked,
you gotta wear clothes, molds
and personalities..


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