Whatever I know is nothing

‘Whatever i know, is nothing..’

What do i know?
How to live life?
i don’t know..
What to do and what not to do?
i don’t know..
Which way to go?
i don’t know..
What is life?
i don’t know..
What is love?
i don’t know at all..
Am i kidding myself?
i don’t know..

Maybe some day,
the drop will reach the ocean..
Till then,
the drop keeps moving along the valleys
and mountains
and forests
and cities
and rural areas
urban areas,
forests again..
What does it matter to the drop
what all places it passes from
when all it knows is that it will be dissolved
some day..
And to be dissolved,
does the drop have to go through all those places?
i don’t know..


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