The whirring fan..
Slight cool air from the open window..
A distant sound from vehicles now and then..
The breaths going on..
and this writing..

Nothing else exists right now..
Nowhere to go,
nothing to do,
not even the phone or laptop,
not even the people..
Just these sounds and cool air
and light
and pen moving..
Just this feeling alive..
Just being..
without any identity
or memories
or roles..
i’m not a daughter, a friend, a doctor,
a student, a helper, a lover, a devotee..
I’m nothing at all..
Free, as always..

Its these identities and memories
that keep creating havoc and agitations
in the mind..

And now, look..
where is the mind?
so still.. quiet..
There is only this Heart..
and these senses that feel..
Nothing else..
No conflict, no pressure,
no anxiousness about tomorrow..
Just the Now..

Solitude – the antidote to tiredness
and conflicts or any trouble..

Why can i not be like this around people?
“coz then, you are in your role.
To work and to be around people,
you have to wear your role..
Do the work and leave off the role.
You carry the role, the identity around with you everywhere
and so you feel anxious, tired, pressurized.
Just leave it off, 
like you take off your white coat..
and just be..
Wear these roles only when needed..
Don’t identify with it all the time..”


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