Day after day

Day after day passes,
one turbulent,
another quiet..
What does it all matter?
It keeps passing,
and i just keep watching..

Few years ago,
i was trying to understand life
and didn’t know what i was to do..
Even now,
i don’t know what i’m supposed to be doing..
but what can i do,
i’m a being, not doing..
All i know is to be..
Just be..
Everything else just seems to be happening..
Turbulent and quiet days,
thoughts and emotions..
Wave after wave,
but can the ocean not be an ocean?
Does a bird ever get tired of flying?
Does a flower ever get tired of blooming?
Why then do we get so tired of doing things?
Can we not just Be like Nature?

All this is a dream,
yet you cannot escape it
coz the dream is a reality for now
and you have to live it
along with all the responsibilities..
Accept it,
there is no escape,
there is nowhere to escape either..
All you can do
is be..
Just be..


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