Only You

The night

after the rain..
A slight light
from the window..
The quietness..
The darkness..
and the music..
Thoughts whirl around for a while
feelings too..
And then quietness..
Do they matter anyways..
They don\’t,
nothing does…
Everything is in constant motion
the dust particles dance in the light,
the fan sweeps the air around,
the breath goes in and out…
Nothing remains constant, always,
except You..
why don\’t we then run to You?
why don\’t we then chase You?
but where are you?
somewhere out there
or here, in my heart?
closer than the breath,
just closing the eyes,
you\’re right here..
What does anything matter now?
Everything seems to drop away,
fade away..
Except You..
Only You..
coz everything and everyone is You..
Help me remember
to see You in everything
not the outer appearances or doings..
Mind is forgetful,
help me remember 
and gratefulness flows from the heart..
i really can do nothing for you in return
can i?
except just go with the flow,
just be…


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