When nothing else exists,
when the mind is so quiet,
without emotions,
without thoughts..
just the blankness
and nothingness..
that is so calming..
Coz nothing else ever existed..
Everything else comes and goes,
we become so entangled in all this
which is temporary,
this vast blankness,
the source..


And meditation..
Even just a few moments,
and the ego drops,
with all its wantings and not wantings,
who are you to want or not want anything..
You are everything and nothing
all at once..
Just being,
just like each and every other being,
each and every other existence,
you are…
and that is enough..
No need to do or not do,
let the ego drop its burdens,
and there you are..
as ever..
in the blankness and outside..
Nothing else ever existed without this..

~ ~ ~ ~ 




Featured image: Photo by Aditi B.


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