Poems I Love

Lo, I am with you always – Rumi poems

Lo, I am with you always,
you promised that,
and when I realized that it was true,
my soul flared up.

Any unhappiness comes from forgetting.
Remember, and be back close
with the friend..


Poem, song, and story, the stream sweeps by,
moving along what was never mine anyway.

What I have done through an act of will,
well-meaning or mean, these are brought in briefly
by moonlight, then carried obscurely off..


When you come back inside my chest,
no matter how far I have wandered off,
I look around and see the way.

At the end of my life, with just one breath left,
if you come then, I will sit up and sing.


In pain I breathe easier.
The scared child is running from the house, screaming.
I hear the gentleness.

Under nine layers of illusion, whatever the light,
on the face of any object, in the ground itself,
I see your face.


Burning with longing-fire,
wanting to sleep with my head on your doorsill,
my living is composed only
of this trying to be in your presence..

~ Rumi

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