Airports and coffee

Even among people on the airport..
Yet the slight peacefulness
tiptoeing along..
What is it about traveling alone..
Switching off the phone and internet..
Just the music..
And You..

Thousand places..
Thousand people..
So many stories..
Yet You..
Only You..
is all i can see…
Coz nothing of this all ever exists
without You..
And they tell me You are here..
Here.. There..
i cant stop finding you everywhere..
in these little moments..
in the reflections of lights on the floor..
in the faces of strangers..
in the warmth of a cup of coffee..
in the beats of music and voices..
in everything..

i suffer, desperate
to reach out to you
when i cannot see you..

but look at this joy flowing
this joyyyy and love
when i see and feel you anywhere..
and all the tiredness vanishes in a moment..
how do you do it, i have no idea..
Thank You.. ^_^


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