Boundaries, blurring

Slowly, steadily, the boundaries are blurring…

Is there a you?
Is there a me?
What is the difference?
Where is the difference?
These boundaries that all exist in mind..
do this, do that,
don’t do this, don’t do that..
right, wrong..
left, right..
And the boundaries would keep getting stronger..
We isolate ourselves through these walls we build..
When the walls grow thicker,
we complain, try to escape..
Why not let the boundaries be blurred instead?
What does it matter anyways?

Slowly, steadily, the boundaries are blurring..
and i let them blur..
never wanted these boundaries
between you and me
between me and anything else
between me and life…
coz i only ever want to be one with life..
just living..
just loving..
just being…


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