In hiding

Emotionless. Not in a numb kind of way, but somehow peacefully emotionless. Usually, emotions create a havoc and so this feeling nothing, emotionless is something quite different. What kind of phase is this, no idea. It’s not a detached kind of emotionless, instead it’s the emotionless even when you’re involved with situations and people around you. You see others reacting, getting emotional, but you feel nothing, coz it’s nothing.

It’s all just clouds passing by..
And then…this space..
Between you and everything and everyone..
No matter how close you are to someone or something,
this space between…
this space, that is just yours…
No matter how many people you meet or be with,
this space, that is just yours..
Even between the body and desires and food you eat,
this space.. is still there..
Even between music and senses and drunkenness,
this space, that is just yours..
No one can take it, no one can give it to you..
This space, is all that matters…
Nothing else matters,
no matter what you do,
no matter whom you’re with,
this space…always here…
In Hiding – Pearl Jam

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