all you wish
is the edge of the terrace,
the darkness spreading
as the evening sets in,
and a good drink
to get drunk..
and some melancholic songs..
and maybe you..
maybe your absence..
all you wish
is for this melancholy to last..
Nothing lasts in this world, why?
‘Does it even matter?’
No, it doesn’t even matter, why?
Which way am i supposed to go?
Seems like circling round and round
Same old things keep repeating,
makes me weary, wanting to escape..
How much more will we keep going on in circles?
How long will the earth keep circling round the sun?
Doesn’t it get tired, doesn’t it want to escape?
Doesn’t it want to get drunk and melancholic?
What? Let the melancholy be?
all you wish
is to stay up all night,
staring in the darkness
of the universe,
and letting melancholy be..

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