Something triggers the memories,

but that’s all they are,
of a distant time and space..
Do they matter now?
They don’t,
She looked at the phone and saw a few msgs in the family group, they were wishing her mom. And then she remembered, it was her mom’s birthday today. She didn’t want to wish her, but she knew she had to and so she did.
It wasn’t a big deal, but the memories were still there, the hurt had faded and been replaced by compassion, yet the sadness came back on such days. She still felt the void, though there was no anger or hurt, but that void, of not knowing how it felt to feel the mother’s love..
Or maybe she knew..
Looking out the window at the trees and the leaves, the sky and clouds, she smiled at Mother Nature…always around, always there. How can she say she didn’t feel the love? Coz she did. Everytime when she was around Nature. Anywhere. Sometimes, even in the middle of a crowded bus that stopped coz of traffic, she would look at the small plant growing at the side of the road, leaves dancing with the breeze, and it would make her so peaceful, reminding her that is how life is to be lived..
Free, unbound, going in whichever way the wind takes..
As she recalled those memories of being around Nature, those peaceful moments, she realized there was no void anymore.. As if filled by Nature’s love.. Upto the brim, overflowing… If Nature was a person, she would’ve hugged Her.. For now, she only felt grateful for Nature, for always being there around..
Thank You, Nature.. ^_^
Nothing is amiss, there’s no void,
when i find You in tiniest of places,
anywhere, everywhere..
coz everytime, You remind me to just Be..
Nothing is needed to be done to please You,
just being as i am, and you are.. as you are,
ever flowing, constantly, gracefully,
everything is in such order, seasons, colors, trees and rain..
just being as i am, and you are.. as you are..


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