No matter how many skies fall down

Hectic work,

incomplete seminar,
and no time to show it…
i almost cry out in the dark room…
And then suddenly a breeze from the fan,
and a voice….
Everything is as it is,
why are you so worried,
so what if it will be incomplete,
what worse can happen,
nothing..nothing at all…
Coz everything is as it is..
Why want a situation to go the way you want,
let everything be as it is,
do whatever needs to be done now…
Coz everything is as it is…

And i laughed out loud instead of crying..
Thank you… ^_^
I dono how you do this,
but you always give me an answer 
when i need one…
How mysteriously you work!
In the breeze, in the voice,
in waves, in feelings..
Everything arises from you,
returns to you…
So why not just let everything flow
in whatever direction,
whatever way,
whatever happens…
What does it matter anyways?!
Sitting under the trees now,
the breeze and the sunlight through the leaves,
every leaf silently speaks of your presence..
and now feeling light, feels like dancing with these leaves and breeze,
maybe they know your secrets
and that’s why they dance with the breeze…
who knows..
i smile, watching them move with the breeze, 
allowing the light to pass,
obstructing nothing,
just being, leaves, as they are..
Thank you, trees, leaves, breeze!!
i forget when under pressure or tired,
help me remember more,
help me be present more…
No matter how many skies fall down..

I’m covered under the peace I’ve found…

You’re my shelter.. 
when there’s nowhere else to go..


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