automatically makes you anxious,
you strive,
make effort,
to finish it on time,
You keep eyes on the result
when it will get done,
instead of the now,
instead of what is being done,
and it only creates conflict..
Same old pattern repeats,
day after day goes by
you don’t feel like doing it
so you somehow procrastinate,
then as the deadline comes nearer,
you become more anxious
more effort,
more conflict..
And nothing much gets done..
Cycle keeps repeating,
until you pause,
stop and really look at what is happening
within and without…
In trying to keep an eye on the end result,
you lost to be in present with the work at hand,
all you can see is the deadline,
not the work that you’re doing
and all you care to do is finish it
without being involved completely,
without loving what you’re doing,
without being curious or open to learning something new..
Is this how the artists create art?
Is this how musicians create music?
Do they keep deadlines in view
or do they get lost in the very process of creating art?
Art just flows from their heart
when they are just being present..
Why not the same with whatever work you do?
Why not ignore the deadlines for a while,
why not ignore the end result for a while,
and really be with what you’re doing..
See, then, how the anxiety and burdens melt away..
See, then, how you love doing the work you do..
Let it flow, let it fly,
let it blossom
on its own..


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