No burdens

Why do you take it all upon you?

Why do you try to control situations around?
Nothing will ever happen as you want to,
so why not release
and let things unfold on their own,
and let situations be as they are…
Why do you put boundaries on you?
That you ‘have’ to do this, do that,
submissions and all…
Why do you take it upon you?
And then you feel like tired,
as if carrying a huge load…
Where is the imaginary load you’re carrying?
Submissions and all will happen
as you go along..
Just know what needs to be done now
and do that…
Why do you bind yourself with all those things?
See them disappearing in thin air,
see them blowing away with the wind..
And see how free, how light you feel..
So why burden yourself
when you can be free and light…
Just be…
Why take the burdens of ‘should’ and ‘have to’?
Just be…
There are no burdens..
Things and situations are as they are..
Just be…


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