Simple joys

Going to eat out with your roomate

and just random talks,
conversation flowing
so easily..
Going to the mall in the moment
without deciding,
just spontaneously
and not feeling tired,
no resistance..
That moment when
you both want to have tea
but it’s a mall
and they don’t have tea stalls..
Roaming around in the mall,
how the conversation flows!
And then finding tea at foodcourt
and more conversation
a budding friendship
over the warm tea!
And feels so good,
to be free, not bound,
to someone, anyone,
esp a relationship..
just being present
with whoever is there,
with whomever you are talking,
just being with them..
I missed this kind of friendship…
but not anymore..
esp when your roomate is also
a sweet kind friend,
just another human being,
just like you..


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