Boundless, without limits

What did it mean to live?
To feel the other person’s feelings,
what they feel,
to know their pain, happiness and the love that they feel,
to give up your own ideas, your own beliefs, your own feelings
for the one you are with..
to merge the boundaries with everything and everyone you see, hear, touch, feel,
becoming boundless,
so much that no boundaries remained,
no secrets,
no differentiation,
no you, no me,
just beingness..
Is this what it means to live?
Live, like the plants swaying with the wind,
like the breeze moving through the leaves, 
like river water flowing, and merging in the ocean,
or raindrops getting absorbed in the earth, the heavenly fragrance that rises 
when the raindrops leave their form and merge with the earth..
Being alive,
without any secrets or veils,
accepting everyone and everything the way it is, the way they are,
how freeing it is, to live like this…
Without boundaries,
Where do i end and you begin?
Where does the heart end and breath begins?
Where does your heart end and mine begin?
Where does the sky end and earth begin?
Where does your eyes end and mine begin?
It’s all boundless, continuous,
merging with each other,
If only we look close enough,
into each other’s eyes,
into each other’s hearts,
where is the difference?
If only we look close enough,
at a flower, at the leaves and the breeze,
at the sky and earth, the water and raindrops,
where is the difference?

When I hear you sing, I become a joyful song,

Boundless, without limits, like the kindness of God.

You’ve bought me a hundred times over, I’m yours.

Bring me back to life again: buy me, please, once more.

~ Rumi


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