Spontaneous moments

Sometimesthe happiest moments are thesesimple moments...Spontaneously deciding to go for walkto get a few thingsand music...Walk and music...Ah..How everything else melts away then..The tiredness of the day is gone just as music starts..and a smile...What is it about these random walks?!To be by myselfeven amidst peopleon the roads..Just walking...Looking around...And listening to music...And watching, smilingat fellow… Continue reading Spontaneous moments


Let the morning in

I'm in a statei can finallyleave it allbehind..I don't mindgrowing oldgreybecause nowi can keepmy shuttersOpenWidetillthe morningcomes...Ask meonce again.Is the thoughtof sleepingitselfsleeping?Ofcourseit isn't.Don't confusethings.See.Things just happenand then pass.We're standingon the thresholdsworriedhesitantinsecuretired of waitingtired of trying.Where were we?How sparseis my breath?Just one thingwhile counting sheepcount on me.~ Words from the music video ofWinter Dust - Let the… Continue reading Let the morning in



When you're dead-tired after a long morning,hungry, thirsty, tired..And yet, you've got to finish some responsibility but it wasn't done coz the system there wasn't working..Frustrated? Nope, just tired,want to cry, but can't,want to sleep, but can't..And put on music and shuffleand the first song...Pearl Jam..Then the heat doesn't matter..The traffic doesn't matter..Hunger n tiredness… Continue reading Tired


Simple joys

Going to eat out with your roomateand just random talks,conversation flowingso easily..Going to the mall in the momentwithout deciding,just spontaneouslyand not feeling tired,no resistance..That moment whenyou both want to have teabut it's a malland they don't have tea stalls..Roaming around in the mall,talking,how the conversation flows!And then finding tea at foodcourtand more conversationa budding friendshipover… Continue reading Simple joys

Music I Love

Let me run into the rain, to be a human light again! – Music

And again... another beautiful song, beautiful lyrics of PJ!! You never stop surprising with your deeply moving songs, PJ!!! Wonder where this gem had been hiding till now.. But that's the beauty of your songs, once in a while, a song would be what i need and you sing and write and bring it to… Continue reading Let me run into the rain, to be a human light again! – Music