What is this mystery?

How do i say

that i miss you…
Coz i do, but i don’t..
i miss what was,
and so i miss what is..
Your presence is always here
and yet, i miss you..
How is it happening?
i miss the conversations,
i miss the presence flowing,
but i can’t say it aloud
coz it’s not true..
You are always here, near,
in silence and conversations, both..
You are always here, near,
in the flowing presence or aloneness..
You are always here, near,
just like the air always is,
be it when it flows like a breeze,
or when silently still..
What is this mystery?
That i miss you, as well as i don’t..
i miss your voice, as well as silence..
i miss the drowning, and yet i don’t..
Words are not making any sense at all..
Would you just look in my heart
and know that i miss you, yet i don’t..
i write all this to you, and yet i don’t..


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