After days and days

of just work and study,
of being around people,
a new language and new faces,
neither liking nor disliking all of it,
and then..
some alone time
and you find sadness waiting 
with open arms to embrace you..
I smile at her, at sadness,
it feels good
after days of emotionlessness,
after days of feeling nothing,
this feeling is welcome..
Nostalgia also returns,
the longing and the memories
wanting to go back
to those days of tears and longing,
of being lost,
but knowing that you can\’t..
What does it all matter anyways?
Just the sadness..
of how life works,
moves, constantly..
You never stay at one place,
you can\’t, even if you want to..
Life is a flowing river,
constantly flowing..
Sometimes you feel grateful
that it flows and is not still..
Not today though,
today, you are wrapped around
by sadness..
And it feels like a warm blanket
in a cold weather..
Let her stay, the sadness..
She too will leave,
everyone and everything does..
everyone and everything leaves..
except You….


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