Simply bloom!

Letting go of controlof situations, of things, of people,brings about quite a lot of peaceand inner sanctity..Everything simply is..No control is needed..When you let Life flow,letting go of control,it unfolds and bloomslike a flower..Does a blooming flower worry and control the situations around it?It waits patiently for the proper sunlight, rain and nutritionand when the… Continue reading Simply bloom!


Goodbye Amd, Hello Blr!

Endings? Beginnings?Why does everything seem so connected?There are no endings and new beginnings..Just one continuous flowof Life..Places change, people change,situations change, seasons change..But nothing of it seems to affectthis joyous peacefulness..Just like in nature,everything keeps changing, growing, degrading, growing again,seasons changing, repeating..Yet, the essence of Natureremains the same..It's beauty, it's fragilityremains the same..Change of place again..Yet… Continue reading Goodbye Amd, Hello Blr!