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Learning to not possess – Quote

“And anyways, this is not about life..
This is about having lost what is yours.
The question is not about your loved one, the question is not about another life… the crying is not about life at all..
The crying is about what you possessed has been lost..
The first thing is to learn to not possess.. (not even your loved ones, child, partner, friends, property or anything)
Learn to not possess..
Because it’s not even yours.
It’s never been yours.
It is you who is claiming, ‘this is my brother, this is my son, this is my this.’
As a relationship you can say that ‘okay, this is my somebody’, 
but you believing that this is mine…and if you lose it you are broken, it’s not compatible to the way life is structured.
This is the way creation is.
Either you see it and be in tune with it and make maximum out of life; 
or you don’t see it and cry about everything that happens.

This is the most important thing that you do..
that is your fundamental duty.. remind them (your loved ones) and yourself of the nature of life and tell them what is the most important thing. you are not the most important thing in their life.. they have to find their ultimate nature, that is the most important thing.”

~ Sadhguru

[Excerpt from the video – The Rules of Life and Death – Sadhguru.]



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