And the moon speaks..

Back on the terrace to get some fresh air, 

she looked at the moon, 
shining brightly.. 
Full moon today, she smiled at the moon.. 
Staring at the moon with a questioning gaze, 
tears filled her eyes, yet she couldn’t find her words.. 
And she heard the moon whisper silently to her heart, 
‘There’s no good or bad.. 
Stop trying to be good, or bad.. 
You are neither of it.. 
Your deeds are good and bad, 
not you.. 
Some days you shine and do good deeds, help people.. 
Some days you don’t and you fall in darkness..
But that’s not who you are..
Drop the goodness and badness..
Don’t let other people’s opinions affect you,
and don’t let your own past deeds and your own opinions affect you..
Light is light,
it’s neither good nor bad,
darkness is darkness,
it’s neither good nor bad..
Drop this wanting to be good bcoz of some past bad deeds..
Burn it all and let everything be washed away..
And the light will shine on its own..
And darkness and light will walk together,
and you will stand as you are,
unaffected, at peace, still…’
Looking at the moon,
feeling peaceful now,
she nodded..
Thank you, Moon! 

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