Music I Love

Cracks in the mirror – Music

Cracks in the mirror - A Mote of Dust

What kind of truth do you hope for 
Searching for cracks in the mirror? 
Why are you waiting on the grave? 
You can’t live like that, no you can’t live that way.. 

If all of your chances keep turning to stone.. 
Well, wake up son, it’s time to move on.. 
The lights have gone out, the curtain laid low, 
You’ve wandered for years but I know that you know.. 
That this thing might kill you before you let go.. 

So why do you need to hold on? 

Deep in your heart I know you’ll find 
That you’ve always, only, ever been alright.. 
You’re carbon, oxygen, water and bone.. 
A speck in the vastness of all that we know.. 
And yet, you’re still breathing all on your own.. 

So why do you need to hold on? 
Why do you need to hold on? 
Do you need to hold on? 

You need to let go...

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