Back on the roof

More than a fortnight passed,

when i last came up here on the roof..
How did i get so busy?
i wasn’t busy at all, except the chores..
yet i couldn’t bring myself to come up here..
dunno why..
was i trying to escape?
not wanting to face the guilt i felt?
not wanting to face the vast sky and the sun and the breeze,
the clouds and the evening moon
and Nature…
perhaps i was scared like a kid who didn’t do his homework
or something that he was supposed to do
or maybe i just didn’t want to face my own failures..
perhaps i had forgotten
that Nature never expects nor judges
no matter what you do or don’t do,
no matter what happens or doesn’t,
no matter how long you go away or stay..
Nature simply is..just like always..
Changing colours, seasons,
growing, wilting, making it rain and heat,
yet always there..whether i look or not,
and the moment i do,
it draws me in, giving nothing but peace,
like always…
and here i am again…
the same roof i’ve been coming to for almost all evenings for more than a year now..
yet not a single evening was same,
every evening a different sky, different shade of sunset,
and different emotions and feelings within me too..
is the sky a reflection of me?
or am i a reflection of the sky?

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