Blow away the memories

Can you turn the heartache into a good feeling?

Can you change the memories into the good ones,
so that when you remember them, you’d smile
remembering the good times you had,
not the heartache that followed..
Does it require magic?
Or a heart transplant?
Or maybe a simple change in perspective?
Memories are so tricky, aren’t they?
They trick you into believing things were real,
but they are just memories, dead, gone,
the real that you experienced back then is gone,
never to be back again..
So why hold on to the memories?
One by one, let them fade away with this breeze..
It only hurts if you hold on to them..
So let them go..
And change your perspective..
Be grateful for that time..
Didn’t it really change your life, that long gone time?
If it hadn’t been for that time, would have reached where you are now?
Look how far you came..
It hurts coz you’re still holding on to the memories..
Do you want things to go back as they were?
Then, let these memories go, 
even if you don’t understand why all that happened in the first place..
Be here now..
Look at your surroundings..
Feel the breeze..
Look at the sky, the birds, clouds..
Do you think they hold on to any memories?
They are just living in the moment..
So can you..
Live in the moment..
Let go of the past, even the future..
Just be here..
See how the breeze soothes your heart,
as if saying, let it all go. come play with me..and be alive..
Blow away the memories..
River flows..
Water that stays, stagnates..
Let it all blow away…

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