This hollowness

in the heart..
Doesn’t feel so hollow..
Feels like too much weight..
The physicality of the hollowness
feels too heavy..
Crying your heart out doesn’t help..
Escaping out on terrace doesn’t help..
The heavy hollowness stays..
It’s like removing the bandage in one move
and you find there’s still no healing
and blood oozes out
hurting all over again
with the same intensity, maybe even more..
Maybe somethings should be left as they are..
Maybe bandages shouldn’t be removed prematurely..
What isn’t meant to be, what is never supposed to happen or never going to happen.. should be accepted and let go..
Maybe you still don’t understand the why’s of all that happened or all that ended..
Just accept it..
Maybe somethings should be left as they are… Lost forever..
Maybe hollowness should be left as it is..
Maybe it will fade away,
like it had, last year..
Maybe sleep would make it fade away a bit.. Maybe not..
What does it matter anyway…

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