Is Love simple?

Why can’t love be simple?
Why do we complicate it?
Why do we like to complicate it?
Our Hearts beat.. constantly..
Isn’t that love?
The Sun warms the earth, without which life would be impossible..
The Earth holds us, keeps us grounded, with gravity..
Isn’t that love?
The Nature nourishes everything, keeps life going on earth..
Isn’t that love?
There’s no asking,
there’s no give and take in love..
There’s no meeting or seperation in love..
There’s no talking or not talking in love..
Maybe love isn’t a verb with a subject and object.. (“I love you”)
Maybe it’s a noun..
Maybe it’s not even the word that can be spoken of or described..
Maybe it’s like the Silence, the moment you say the word silence, silence disappears..
Don’t think or speak of it,
just feel the Love..

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