Hitting the rock bottom

Whole week full of struggle, conflicts,

past patterns entangling everything more,
all so exhausting,
seemed like these struggles would never end,
not one bit of energy to go on or do anything,
and then you stop trying to escape,
not caring if you’d drown,
not caring if something would save you or not,
and you hit the rock bottom,
and you stay there,
unable to breathe, you don’t try to hold on to anything,
moments pass,
and suddenly everything else drops away,
the past patterns melt away…
and you sit there, silently still…
aware of each and every struggle of the last week
and how pointless it was..
it was your believing those things to be true
that had given them the power to make you so entangled and distraught..
and the moment you drown, the moment you hit rock bottom,
you come to see how untrue and unreal those things are,
and now sitting still at the rock bottom,
you burst into laughter
at your own stupidities…
and the lightness you feel now
as all the entanglements disappear..

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