Arguments and anger

Still shaking..

after the arguments
and the anger i expressed..
But maybe i will always be wrong..
Maybe i will always be not good enough..
Maybe i am never good enough…
And i dont even understand what is good enough…
Maybe i’m nobody to even ask for some repect..
Maybe i wont ever be able to live up to their standards..
Maybe i should give in and become like everyone else..
Maybe i should give up..
Maybe i’m not even fit to live in this society..
Maybe i won’t ever belong anywhere..
Maybe i won’t ever be loved or respected..
Maybe.. Maybe.. Maybe…
What is right and what is wrong?
Why can’t they let me be?
Why do i have to always bend according to the social norms?
Why do i have to keep doing things?
Why can’t i just be?
Why can’t they let me be?
Why can’t they let me be?
I’d do anything, anything, anything
just let me be the way i am..
just let me BE…

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