This elusive happiness..

how much you strive and try..
wanting things that you think will bring happiness,
wanting people and relationships that may bring you happiness..
but does it ever?
This forgetfulness..
How you forget again and again!
Happiness and peace..does not come from someone or something..
It’s the intention and desire that makes you miserable in the first place,
and when you get that ‘thing’ or ‘person’ or relationship,
the misery goes away
and you feel happy..
The happiness was always there!
You made yourself miserable by thinking you’d be happy only when you get that something..
Drop the wanting,
Drop the thinking that something or someone makes you happy,
Drop the thinking that something or someone makes you sad and hurt..
Just be content with what you have,
and life will bring you such beautiful gifts..
Don’t chase after the elusive happiness..
It’s right here,
just peek in your own heart
without wanting anything
and the happiness will burst out
like a river of joy!
But what if the past hurt comes up
and the tears flow, heart cries, what then?
Let it come up, let the tears flow..
Crying means something is being cleared out,
like throwing out trash..
The river doesn’t differentiate between clear and muddy water..
Somewhere it’s muddy, somewhere it’s clear,
but essentially, it’s all water…
Don’t chase after anything..
Nothing and no one can give you happiness that you strive so much for..
Just peek in your heart whenever you forget
and you’ll see happiness smiling, waving at you..
😀 *waves cheerily* 😀
Just be content..
Happiness and peace lies in your own heart..

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