Best friends

She talks,

i listen,
i feel for her,
i know exactly what she’s going thru,
i was sad the whole day
yet just listening to her voice
made me feel so good..
And at the end of an hour,
i didn’t tell her about the sadness and crying
coz i realized…
i don’t have any problems at all,
at least not any major ones,
just little bit everyday ones
which don’t matter at all..
She was there with me
at every step
when i most needed a friend
even if we weren’t in the same city,
just talking to her everyday had helped so much,
even though i had struggled on my own
yet talking to her was like a cool breeze in the hot sun,
like a smile on a lost traveller’s face when he sees a direction sign..
Didn’t feel so lost,
just knowing that she’s with me,
who wouldn’t judge me,
who’d always stand by me
no matter what good or bad decisions i take..
Always there.. 
That’s what best friends are for! 
Thank you, my friend… ^^

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