Expressing life..

Something within stirs up, out of the blue,
trying to express but as usual, words don’t match the feelings..
Like a soft breeze that springs out of nowhere,
like a beautiful composition that just comes out of the musical instrument,
like mixing all ingredients turns out to be something flavorsome just like that,
like a bud sprouting out from the soil from the seed out of nowhere,
like Nature expressing herself in all the beauty around, Nature is beauty herself..
How does all that happen?
I have no idea..
It just does..
The more I spend time in solitude,
the more I feel it..

I was sitting here to write and express it,
but somehow
everything around is expressing the same..
the night, the flowing curtains, the breeze,
even the blinking cursor seems to keep blinking out of nowhere..

That’s life…expressing itself..
all around us..


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