Dusty and windy

When situations around you aren’t going well,

when your friends are unavailable,
when you can’t talk to anyone,
when you don’t want to talk to anyone,
when there’s an inner turmoil going on,
when you can’t even bear to talk to people,
go silent,
go offline..
Don’t talk.. Be quiet as much as you can..
Let it be dusty and windy for a while..
Seems like even Nature is going through the same..
Dusty and windy it is..
Maybe tomorrow it will be cheerful sunshine
or there might be a storm yet to come..
Who knows..
And what does it matter..
We’ll see it and face it when it comes,
right now,
let it be dusty and windy..
Don’t fight the dust clouds..
Let them hide away the sun,
they can’t swallow the sun..
Fighting it is of no use..
Why not bask in the dustiness instead?
Just like you bask in the sunshine’s warmth,
bask in the dustiness,
in the sadness or whatever feeling you’re feeling…
Don’t fight it..
Just be..
Just like Nature is…

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