Missing Laughter

I miss laughing, laughing at all the sillyness and stupidity.
Not the smiles and little bit of laughter in conversations,
but crazy laughter, one where you can’t stop laughing at the simplest silly thing,
laughing so much till the stomach hurts,
till the tears flow,
till you can’t breathe,
and then bursting out in another bout of laughing all over again.
Sad thing is you gotta have another person to laugh along with, not just because people’d call you crazy if you laughed alone, but because it’s much more fun to share the laughter with someone, to share the sillyness and pranks and laughing at the stupidities. Becomes a bit difficult when you’re a loner and don’t like being around people that much. 

Sad thing is you can be sad alone, you can cry alone as much as you want…but laughing your heart out can’t be done when you’re alone.




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