Those few moments..


those few moments
of solitude,
of silence,
of vastness ahead
and just nature…
seemed like
coming all the way here
for these few moments..
Just the breeze,
just the trees and the cold,
the vast valley,
clouds and sun..
Just the abundance of Nature..
like anywhere else..
Those few moments
where nothing matters,
just being,
simply walking on the path,
the stones,
just feeling the breeze
and walking away from people
to a place of solitude
where no one else is around
and yet,
doesn’t feel like you’re alone..
Those few moments..
with the abundance of nature
and least of thoughts or feelings,
just being alive,
just flowing with the breeze
like the leaves rustling..
And just bowing down
to the vastness..
Thank You! ^^
Bengaluru’s Nandi Hills

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