Whose approval do you want?

Whose approval are you seeking?
Is it out there somewhere?
Where is it?
Why do you even want someone else’s approval, appreciation?
Why do you feel incomplete even when you are completely complete?
Isn’t that enough?
Why want more?
What are you seeking in approval?
That your existence is valid?
But how can someone else tell you that?
Only and only you can..
And there isn’t even a need to say it..
You are..
And that’s enough..
What will approval do?
Justify your existence?
But who needs justification? The mind.
You are..
You are, just the way you are..
What is there to approve of or seek?
Why seek it somewhere else or from someone
when it is right here…within you…
Don’t seek..
Just Be…
Be as You are…
Just like the sky is..
Just like the butterfly is..
Just like a tree is..
Just like a flowing river is..
Just like Nature is…
You are…
Don’t listen to the mind, don’t seek,
don’t run for approval…
Just Be..
Just like everything else is..
You are..

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