After another fruitless day

trying hard yet nothing could ease the heart,
not even sleeping for a while..
Feeling suffocated of being in the same room,
same house, same surroundings,
same books, same people,
same images and haunting thoughts
i escape..
on the terrace…
been a while since i was last here..
A fresh breeze gently rushes by
as i step out on the terrace
and move towards the edge of the water tank..
The Sun and clouds..
I smile and say hello to them,
we’re ol’ buddies afterall…
More than talking to anyone,
more than reading or listening,
more than anything else,
THIS…this is what lifts me up every single time..
without fail…
The trees are the same,
the clouds are same, just different patterns,
the sky is the same,
the birds flying around,
the breeze,
the evening colours…
How does Nature does this?
Having no idea, i bow down
feeling grateful..
Maybe it helps me, like everytime,
it helps…to drop away everything
and just Be…
just breathe..
coz nothing else matters…
not what people say or do,
neither their expectations,
nor my own expectations,
neither the exams nor anything else..
when nature is around,
the peacefulness of nature is reflected in my heart…
and i’m quite happy and peaceful
to just watch nature
without any thoughts of past, present or future..
just be…
Thank You…


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