Say hello to your anger!


The reactions,
past impressions,
anger and hurt is gone.
No resistance at all
in the heart,
after 3 days of anger and hurt,
even crying hadn’t helped
to wash away the anger and hurt
of all those years that sprang back..
But that was the problem!!
I did not want to feel angry and hurt,
I wanted the anger to go away,
I rebelled and slammed doors,
i cried, i vented,
yet it did not go away..
How would it?
I forgot to accept it, like i accept when sadness or tears come..
And then when i came across these lines,
i laughed at myself!
If you look at it, go into it completely, it ceases, but if you say, ‘I must not hate; I must have love in my heart’, then you are living in a hypocritical world with double standards. 
If it is okay to feel sadness or happiness,
if it is okay to laugh and cry,
why is it not okay to feel anger?
Feel it completely, only then can you see where it arises from..
Like other feelings, anger came, it went away.. 
Why should we say to ourselves, ‘I must not feel anger, I must not feel hatred or hurt..’
I was literally thinking those thoughts for the past few days, and even though i knew that they were just past reactions, impressions that are strong in the mind, I couldn’t stop it..<- I wanted to stop it. Instead I could have stayed with it, like I do when sadness and grief comes.
Probably, I haven’t felt this anger for quite some time now, so it just surprised me. 
And it’s okay to feel anger from time to time. We feel angry coz we feel thwarted, or as if someone is attacking us or our beliefs.. But so what? Anyone would feel angry if they are not respected. Above all, respect yourself enough to not believe the lies people say.
Anger is just another guy, just another feeling..
Don’t label anger as good or bad..
We label our emotions into good and bad, that is the whole problem!
No emotion stays long, so feel it and let it go..
Lesson learned!! ^^
Byebye Anger.. Hello, Laughter! 😀

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