Thank You..

Sliding down against the wall,

sitting with knees curled up,
she cries..
cries out hard..
calling out to You..
whispering along with the song
\’I surrender..\’
Questions keep knocking
and tears keep falling,
she shuts her eyes hard,
almost not breathing,
holding her breath as long as she can
not deliberately
but bcoz of crying hard..
\’I surrender..
I don\’t want anything at all..
Yet.. Why.. Why again..
Why people..
Why they still..
Her thoughts come out in half sentences
as she clutches her sleeves
and keeps crying,
as if trying to exhaust it all..
And like a rushing wind,
her thoughts are silenced,
her tears and sobs stop,
\”You are. All these are just tags
and identities. Drop them.
Be still.. This stillness, this silence is who you are..\” 
that Silence dawns upon her mind,
as if the Silence sliced away all the pain, an instant.
Just the silence remained..
And the song kept playing in the background,
and she sat there for a while
without stirring, completely still..

\’Thank You\’, as she opened up her eyes
and took a deep breath..
Won\’t resist life, won\’t resist what life brings..
Won\’t listen to people, won\’t believe what they say..
Instead, will listen to You, will listen to the Silence, the Stillness..

She doesn\’t know how You do this
every single time,
but she\’s grateful, as she smiles
looking up at the sky
through the tiny opening in the window..
Thank You, the Ever-Present One!

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