And again..

And again..

The drama of life goes on..
Some people really don’t change
neither does the old patterns of the mind..
She scolded me and ordered to study and not waste time talking and laughing with the cousin i met after so long..
And back to feeling how i felt all those years ago..
All those times, all those memories
come gushing forward..
And even though i know that they are just past memories,
yet I can’t stop from feeling the anger and hurt again…all over again..
And only one question keeps going in my head,
“Why am i not good enough? Will i ever be good enough? Why, whatever i do, is wrong in your eyes? Why can’t i just be????”
This drama of life is never going to end..
I take a deep breath and remember
that nothing of this matters..
Nothing matters at all.. just be..
to just breathe..
to just live..
Don’t let the opinions of other people define you..
You are who you are, not what they think you are..
If they cannot accept who you are, let them deal with it.. It’s not your problem to make them understand or accept you or the way you live your life..
The drama will always go on..
Just be.. Just live…
Nothing else matters..

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