Love and perspectives

(Just came across this beautiful story, accept and learn.. Always explain to the child about his curiosity about anything, be it love, life or something trivial. Be a child with your child and help them grow, don’t dismiss their curious questions by ignoring..and talk about feelings too!! Seems like talking about feelings was a still is, where i live..and it’s saddening coz most children don’t know how to tackle their feelings later on. They supress it mostly, like i used to, or distract themselves.. Why don’t we tell them it’s okay to feel what we are feeling, it’s okay, coz we are not our feelings..feelings come and go.. It’s okay to feel them, isn’t it?

Thank goodness for blogger!! Where would i have written all that i felt in all these months and years!! It’s okay to vent sometimes too.. 😉 lol
Ok…here’s the story below..)

Last night my child came to me, and asked, “Why does love hurt so much?” 

“My Son,” said I, “it means that you are alive. The pain you feel, what you feel, shows that the love you have inside you is real. Cherish it, for it will make you stronger as you grow to be a man. Remember this moment, because there will come many times in life where you can cause this pain to another, or spare them of it through either words spoken, or actions taken. Now, if you could, would you?”

He looked up at me, and through the tears in his eyes said: “I am unsure that I would. If I am honest with someone, it might hurt them, like I have been hurt. If I am honest with myself, then I will have a fulfilling life. Whose joy is more important?”

“Everyone deserves to have joy in their lives, but joy will always be matched with times of sadness. Be honest to those who come into your life, and tell them what you need to, and many will respect you in the end. Yes, people may leave your company over this. Pray that they will take with them what they need, and wish them peace. The choices they make, are just that, theirs alone, and in life you will have to make many choices as well. Some shall be easier than others. Surround yourself with people who think different than you, and they can teach you things that you would never have imagined you could learn. People come into our lives for a reason.

Do you remember last week, when you forgot your crayons outside and they melted in the sun?”


“Why were you upset?”

“After they melted, I could no longer use them.”

“Then I bought you new ones. From just one small event, your happiness was turned to sadness, over the loss of something that you owned, but we were able to replace. Owning things in life will not make you happy, because they can be lost. You have to find joy within yourself. Learn who you are, my son, embrace your dreams and learn to love your own company. Take pride in what you own, but most things are not meant to last. When the time comes, learn to let go.

“… If what you say is true, why did mom leave us?”

“… I stopped listening to what she said. My son, learn from my mistakes, and become a better man than me.”

(Thank you….to whoever wrote this..)


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