Another birthday..

Why do we celebrate something that has already gone? Why do we celebrate birthdays? I just don’t get it, even after all these years, every year!
We don’t get born every year. Why don’t we celebrate that which is the inevitable thing, inching closer every year since the day we are born – death..the only thing that is so sure to occur some day. Everything else around us keeps changing..situations, money, knowledge, every thing comes n goes…even people, even those that claim to love us or that we love deeply. Everyone and everything comes and goes, except that constant One…that always is there, like the huge vast sky, always there, day or night, dark or light, stars or no stars..

Why don’t we celebrate that constant One that always is? The One that is beyond all this impermanence around.. But we never even try to find, search or seek that constant One, instead trying to hold on to the fleeting happiness that never lasts, not longer than a few moments or years..

Like the new moon tonight, i’m feeling empty, nothing.. Coz nothing lasts forever. Why celebrate something that’s already inching towards death with each passing year! Why not celebrate death instead? We know the birthday, and we celebrate it every year…but we don’t know our death day, so why not celebrate it every day?! And just live. Just be.

I don’t mind celebrating, but why every year? Why not every moment? Why not celebrate living, this beauty of Life, of being alive, every moment?! Why pretend and ignore the only sure thing we all know – Death. Seems like a taboo now, to even talk about death. Ignoring it doesn’t make it go away at all. It’s there, right in front of our eyes, all the moments of our life, only we don’t see it..coz we choose to ignore it.

“Change as much as you want to, but…Never forget where you come from.”

“Nothing is everything. Everything is nothing. If nothing is everything, i’ll have it all..”


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