[Pearl Jam keeps surprising me! There are so many songs yet to explore, and yet randomly when you come upon a song that you never heard..and there it was sitting all along, patiently, waiting…and when you listen…the lyrics, the music, the voice…and you fall in love, all over again! 😀 lol. This song is about leaving everything behind and moving along…especially in a car or bike, just leave, away from everyone and everything…bliss!]

No more upset mornings
no more trying evenings..
This american dream 
i am disbelieving..

When the gas in my tank
feels like money in the bank..
Gonna blow it all this time
take me one last ride..

For, the lights of this city
they only look good when i’m speeding..
Gonna leave ’em all behind me
Coz this time,

I’m gone..

Long gone..
This time i’m letting go of it all..
So long, coz this time i’m gone…

In the far off distance
as my tail-lights fade..
No one thinks to witness
but they will someday
feel like a question is forming
and the answer’s afar..
I’ll be what i could be
once i get out of this town..

For the lights of this city
they have lost all feeling..
Gonna leave ’em all behind me..
Coz this time,
I’m gone…
Long gone..
This time i’m letting go of it all..

If nothing is everything,
if nothing is everything, i’ll have it all…

I am gone..

Pearl Jam – Gone.

This time…i’m gone…

Thank you for one more awesomeeey song, Pearl Jam and Eddie! 

❤ ❤ ❤

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