Water’s fluidity

That time again..
To get away from everyone,
online and offline..
To get away from the images,
real and illusory..
To get away from every idea and notion
of what’s right and what’s not..
To get away from the emotions,
felt or unfelt..
To get away from every single thing..
And go where?

I watch as the stone that rippled the waters
and disturbed its stillness,
the same stone now drowns,
and the water in the lake
after rippling for a while
is still again,
like nothing happened..
And nothing did happen..
coz where is the stone
and where are the ripples..
The water is still again,

How fluid the water is!
The stones drown, 
the ripples don’t last..
Coz it’s the inherent quality of water
to be still..
Even after every storm or ripple,
it goes back to being still..


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