No expectations..

Instead of expecting something in return,
Accept the situations you are in, accept the work you have to do, accept the way people are, accept the way this world is, accept the way you are..
Expectations bind us, whereas acceptance is so freeing..

I used to have expectations, but now there’s only acceptance. No more expectations of anything or from anyone.. Coz when we be returned a favor or something, or expect people to behave in a certain might not always happen that way.

Mostly, we expect when we feel incomplete and insecure about ourselves, expecting and wanting situations or people to be the way that makes us feel better. Atleast, that’s how i was. But when we feel complete within, where is the need to expect?! Where are the expectations?

When the heart is full, it just flows..and such love, such acceptance of the way everything and everyone is..doesn’t bring any expectation that should be returned.. It just flows. The more we give without expecting, the more it flows..


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